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calculator Our accounting services are one of a kind! Not only do we help you organize, pay your bills and help you  balance at the end of each month, BUT we also help you grow and continue to bringing in more zeros to your account!! Contact us now to get a hold of those zeros!

Income Tax

dollar_currency_signTax season starts Jan 21 but with the IRS shutting down it may get delayed one to two weeks! click here to get more information!

Property Management

home  Tired of having to keep up with all of your due dates? Late fees? and unwanted calls? Call us now to get rid of all that for you! Yes that's right we manage your property! whether its one house to ten houses! We can even take care of apartments there are no exceptions. We go ahead and take care of your accounting, repairs, maintenance and to contracting the perfect service for your home!  Contact us now to get more information.

Technical Support

business_userWe have proven solutions with our IT Partnership offering services such as PBX Phone systems, remote Support for those emergencies, cabling , Network setup , Video Surveillance Systems visit Technical Support for more information.